Joe Maxim

Jade Harrison


My name is Jade Harrison-Marks and I am a tattoo apprentice working at King Street Tattoo.

I started my apprenticeship in January 2018, working alongside the owner of King Street Tattoo Studio, Joe Maxim. Day-to-day I do several duties around the shop, which include booking appointments and cleaning. I've also been drawing to build my knowledge and understanding of the tattoo industry as a whole. Occasionally I'll do walk-ins as well as some of my own designs on customers which helps build my experience and clientele.

I have always been very passionate about art, even from a young age. I did art throughout school, going on to study art and design at college for 2 years. Tattooing is something that I find very exciting; meeting new people and having them want you to put permanent works of art on their body forever is very rewarding and something that I'll forever be grateful for.

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You can find all of my work over on my Instagram!